2020 Marion School District Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Sarah Sagaskey was announced last week as the Marion School District’s 2020 Teacher of the Year.  She was honored and overwhelmed by the love and support from her magnet family at MST and her community.  She expressed what a privilege it is to work with the best educators every day teaching their hearts out to their students.  “I am thankful for such a supportive team, MST is the place to be!” She said she truly strives to have a classroom that honors the Lord and the calling he has placed on her life. At a young age she had a passion for educating children and ministering to their families. Her own education was something she struggled with, she had a deep desire to learn but the learning didn't come as natural to her as it did for others. She worked hard and used her experiences to impact her students today.  “I believe when given the right tools ALL students can learn and achieve. Students learn in different ways and I find it important to know your students and be able to meet those individual needs.”  She finds motivation from her colleagues and students everyday to keep giving her best.  She is truly a proud Patriot!